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Learn about Utah’s Newborn Screening Program and how we are improving the lives of nearly one out of every 300 infants born in Utah.

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Newborn Screening is the first step towards a healthy start for your baby. Read more about the disorders identified, the clinics treating these disorders, and where to find support.

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Health Care Professionals

Get instructions for collecting samples and handling results, as well as resources to share with your patients.

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Get the latest news on Newborn Screening advancements, as well as first-hand accounts from families helped by this program.

“Camden’s Story” -Amy Jo

I gave birth to my first child In May 2013. The pregnancy and birth were both easy and normal with & …

“Levi’s Story” -Laura

Levi was born in June of 2011. As far as we knew, a healthy and strong baby, making us the … …

“Drake’s Stor...

Our son, Drake, was born during a routine c-section and there were no complications. He was healthy …


What disorders will my baby be checked for?


How is the blood for the tests collected?


Why does my baby need newborn screening?


What is the purpose of newborn screening?



Stats & Data

Quick diagnosis and immediate treatment are critical. See how Utah hospitals rank at collecting samples correctly and on time, and transporting them to our lab in a timely manner.

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