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Quick diagnosis and immediate treatment are critical for disorders diagnosed by Newborn Screening. See how the Utah Department of Health and Utah Hospitals are performing, with the most current Newborn Screening Stats & Data.

*Stats based on previous three months.

**View our “How do we score?” guide for more details.

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Utah Newborn Screening Program Performance

Average time until your baby's first-screen results are completed, ideally <5 days after birth.
  • Birth Volume - total number of infants born at birth hospital
  • Letter Grade - reflects combined stats of Successful First Draws, Collection Time, and Transit Time
  • Successful First Draws - percentage of specimens that meet Newborn Screening Program requirements
  • Collection Time - from birth to collection of specimen (goal is 24 to 48 hours)
  • Transit Time - from birth hospital to the Utah Newborn Screening Lab (<24 hour goal)