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Timely newborn screening (NBS) can make the difference between life and death for some newborns. Follow these instructions for a successful screening:

Prior to Birth

Prior to Screening

  • Separate the forms, give the 2nd form to the parents and explain the importance of having the 2nd NBS collected between 7 and 16 days of age.
  • Fill out the first NBS form completely and accurately.
    • Missing information delays testing.
    • Incorrect information delays notification. This is essential in case the health care provider and/or family needs to be immediately contacted due to high-risk screening results.

Complete the First Sample Collection within 24-48 hours of birth:

  • View our Practioner’s Manual for information on how to collect the sample.
  • ONE large drop of blood per circle. Fill all 7 circles.

After Collection

  • Dry horizontally at room temperature for three hours. Drying racks are available at no charge.
  • Once dry, fold the biohazard flap over the sample and place in envelope provided.
  • Send the sample to the Newborn Screening Lab within 24 hours of collection. **Prompt sample delivery can be lifesaving for the baby.
  • Avoid extreme temperature and humidity exposure to the bloodspot sample. Refrain from using outside mail drop-off boxes.

Second Collection is collected between 7-16 days after birth

  • If you are not collecting the second screen, please instruct parents to have this done at their baby’s healthcare provider.
  • If you are collecting the second screen, complete all information on the second card as detailed above.

Know your legal responsibilities

  • It is state law that every baby born in Utah receives two newborn screenings.
  • If parent(s) wish to refuse, you are required by law to provide them with education on newborn screening to ensure that they are able to make an informed decision regarding the health and well-being of their child.
  • Screening-related laws and regulations can be found here and here. More information on documenting and reporting parental refusals can be found here.

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